Top 10 Things to do in North Van

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

As a person who has lived in North Vancouver for over 20 years and who has been working as a realtor here for over 12 years, I am very familiar with North Van and everything it has to offer. There are so many fantastic hikes, restaurants, parks, and activities around the city that make it one-of-a-kind. Here is a list of my favourite spots that I l...

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Considering Moving Up? 

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

Note: this is a guest blog, written by Nishka Riley Mortgage Team

If you’ve purchased a condo or a townhome in the past five years, you’ve been fortunate enough to ride a very successful wave in real estate. And with houses shifting to more of a buyers market, you might be wondering is now the time to make a move up? The short answer is a resoundin...

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Housing Market Stats: February 2019

Posted on Mar 06, 2019

The Metro Vancouver housing market saw increased supply from home sellers and below average demand from home buyers in February.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential home sales in the region totalled 1,484 in February 2019, a 32.8 per cent decrease from the 2,207 sales recorded in February 2018, and a 34.5 per...

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Winter Home Maintenance

Posted on Feb 04, 2019

We are just past the holiday season, so it’s a perfect time to take a look at your home. Considering it is one of the biggest investments you have ever made, it’s important to do routine checks on different areas of your home and maintain it's interior workings. 

This Winter, you should try to: 

VACUUM REFRIGERATOR COILS: This will save you money on u...

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What to do on the final walkthrough

Posted on Jan 25, 2019

You’ve bought a house. You are getting close to closing and have some visits scheduled to look over your place and make plans for your new home. Where should the couch go? What colour should the walls be? It’s hard not to be preoccupied with the appearance of your home, but it is also important to use your final walkthrough to check in on any final...

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2019 Spring Referral Contest

Posted on Jan 23, 2019

Referrals truly are the heart of my business. 
I am here to help you and your friends. My goal is to grow my business this year! I need your help. If you know any friends or family members thinking of buying or selling, I will take great care of them and of you.

As a thank you, you will be entered into my Spring Referral Contest for a 2-day getaway i...

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