5 places I love to eat on the North Shore

Krua Thai - 1445 Lonsdale Ave.
Krua Thai is one of the best Thai places on the North Shore (and that’s saying something with so many fantastic options). Krua Thai has some of the best service and always welcomes me with open arms. I highly recommend everything on their menu, but my favourite is the green curry,  Kang Kheaw Wann Gai.  The crispy wontons are especially delicious.

Mr. Sushi - 105 Lonsdale Ave.,& 1250 Lynn Valley Rd.
As someone who’s particularly fond of vegetarian sushi, I’m really happy that Mr. Sushi has a great amount of variety when it comes to their veggie options (including some really colourful choices). Not only that, but their restaurant is a great space and brings your food out very quickly.Favourite menu item: Avocado/Cucumber roll and Yam Sushi roll WITH cream cheese (make sure you add this one, it’s 100% worth it)

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill - 200 Esplanade W.
This is my new favourite spot for lunch (as it’s a 10 minute walk from our new office) and is one of the most homey and delicious spots in Lower Lonsdale. They have a simple menu at a very decent price point, and some of the most amazingly filling food.This restaurant gives you so many options with you taco and burrito options so you can get exactly what you want. My choice menu item is the chicken tacos, with everything on them.

Mount Royal Bagel Factory - 701 Queensbury Ave.
Mount Royal has some of the best bagels in North Vancouver. They are the perfect combination of doughy and airy, and they have a large assortment of flavours (including cinnamon with or without the raisin!).Beyond just some fantastic bagels, they have some unique cream cheeses including a honey yogurt flavour.

Honey’s Doughnuts & Goodies - 4373 Gallant Ave.
Lastly, no list would be complete without Honey’s. Located in Deep Cove (near the Awesome Quarry Rock hike). Honey’s doughnuts are easily the most delicious around. Beyond some of the lightest, fluffiest, and most substantial doughnuts, they have amazing breakfast sandwiches and flavourful baked goods.Try out the maple doughnut! It is mouthwatering.