New Rules: The Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services Form

On June 15, the Real Estate Council of BC put in place a series of new forms to help protect the consumers' needs. A lot of these disclosures existed in other forms before, but now they more clearly express your rights and position as a client of a realtor. 

The Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services form is the first step in forming a relationship with your realtor. This has to be completed before we can give any advice or provide support. 
  • The first section lets you know your options as a Real Estate Consumer and the benefits of working with a professional. 
  • The second section goes over what representation means. By selecting someone as your realtor, they owe you certain legal duties.
  • The third section tells you what unrepresented means and what the realtor can provide you with as an unrepresented party. 
  • The fourth and final section describes how you are a client under a brokerage. 

The last two pages reviews and states where you stand as a signee. As the video states, our brokerage requires that you sign the final page of the document. 

If you have any further questions, please let us know!