Making your home more energy efficient

As the weather starts to change and the temperature starts to drop, it’s important to take the time to make sure your home conserves as much heat as possible. Here are a few ways to make your place more energy efficient. 

thermostat1) Thermostat
It’s important to install a programmable thermostat so you can lower the temperature when you’re away from the home or gone for several hours. There is an estimated 2% saved for every degree you roll back the temperature!

window2) Sealing Leaks
If there are leaks are the windows, it might be a good idea to caulk up the edges or add weatherstripping. If you feel like you have a slightly bigger budget, consider getting new windows with wood frames that offer the best value when it comes to insulation. 

pipes3) Insulate Pipes
If you wrap your hot and cold water pipes with foam it will save on heating costs and on water usage. 

insulation4) Extra Insulation
If you house is a little bit older, your attic might not have adequate insulation. Hot air rises so the attic might be a huge drain for your home. Consider adding in a layer and it might lead to savings.

In the long run, doing small renovations and changes will save you money, will improve the quality of your home and will make your life easier. 

Overall, there are a few ways to prepare your home for the colder months and for the long term!