What is a home inspection? 

What is a Home inspection?

If you’re considering buying a home or have an accepted offer, you are probably ready to schedule a home inspection. So what does that include? Let’s dig in! 

A home inspection is a professional certified third party coming to evaluate the current condition of the home you are considering. Your realtor will connect you with a few options. We recommend you check the qualifications, training, and education of whoever you hire. This includes a certification and insurance. Also, as a general rule, you should avoid home inspectors that offer repairs. You want to hire someone who is evaluating the current condition and not selling any other services. If they can recommend some good repair people, that is great! 

You also should check if your home inspector is bonded or insured. This means they are protected if they are sued for their work and provides you with an extra level of protection.

So what is looked at during a home inspection? Inspectors will:
- Roof
- Structure and Foundation
- Exterior
- Electrical system
- Heating and air conditioning
- Plumbing system
- Insulation
- Interior
- Ventilation systems
- Walls, floors, ceilings
- Porches and decks
- The site of the property

They will not look at:
- Cosmetics
- Code and Bylaw Regulation issues
- Swimming pools and spas
- Telephone, cable TV, or alarms 

An average sized home takes around 3 and 4 hours. The older and larger the home, the longer it will take.
It’s important to know that a home inspection is mainly a visual examination. The standard home inspection does not include opening up walls. Home inspections are not meant to be invasive and should just provide you with an overview.

Standard home inspections include a full written report with photos sent to you.