Apps to make your real estate journey smoother

If you’re about to start looking for a home to buy, these are the apps you need on your phone! 

Real Estate In Canada by Zolo

This app is extremely easy to use. The filters you can put on are very helpful and the map view makes it easy to look at the overall neighbourhood. Zolo updates every 15 minutes straight from MLS. 


If you want to know all the benefits of a neighbourhood you're interested you can type in the address in this app and find out all the highlights like the location of parks, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, schools and more! 

Home Planner for IKEA

If you're in the day-dream phase with a home you love, this app is for you! You can place furniture if you have the measurements of your place and design a room. 

Most importantly, this app will help you figure out your financing! If there's a home you like this will help you see what sort of mortgage you need. 

These are things that will help start your journey, but if you're starting to think seriously about buying I can help you every step of the way!