What to do on the final walkthrough

You’ve bought a house. You are getting close to closing and have some visits scheduled to look over your place and make plans for your new home. Where should the couch go? What colour should the walls be? It’s hard not to be preoccupied with the appearance of your home, but it is also important to use your final walkthrough to check in on any final concerns or issues that could arise if you haven’t already checked. These issues might put you in a position where you are paying more for a home than you should, where you could still negotiate down the price as compensation. 

Also, it is important to note, these things are not always things the home inspection would cover and so it benefits you to do so for yourself. 

  •  Turn on and off every light switch (make sure you know what they are for)
  •  Run water (check hot and cold temperature) and make sure there are no leaks under the sink
  •  Flush toilets
  •  Test all appliances that are staying in the house
  •  Make sure the fridge is cold
       - The freezer is functioning
       - Stove burners
       - The oven warms
       - The dishwasher runs and drains
       - Run the washing machine
  •  Run the garbage disposal and turn on the exhaust fans
  •  Check garage doors and/or fobs
  •  Open and close all doors and windows
  •  Look over walls, floors, ceilings
If the home is vacant for any amount of time, that is when changes can occur, so make sure to schedule this walk-through close to moving day, especially if the home doesn’t have people living in it.
This is my handy checklist to help with this stage in the process. At this point in the process, the deal is almost complete, make sure you are happy with your purchase.